Yan Zhu

Systems & Society

Inspiration and Brand Statement

Everyone has anxiety, embarring, tension, excessive worries, and being immersed in anxiety will cause perplexity. People change themselves because they want to become a person in others’ perceptions. People are fearful of showing their shortcomings and being different from others. It is hard to change people’s personalities and force yourself to do things you don't want to do. But sometimes I am thinking why do we have to force ourselves to make the change? Why the society has so many voices to encourage people to walk out of their comfort zone? It should not only have a certain standard of evaluation and should not demand other people. Inspired by that my idea of the thesis concept will be to stay in the comfort zone, and release anxiety, tension, and embarrassment.
My collection ZONE IN highlights the juxtaposition between comfort and discomfort. Two normally opposing forces come together to create a collection that reflects balance. The collection combines soft and puff elements like cotton to represent the comfort zone, and tight and airtight elements like latex to represent the burden of society’s perspective. 

My brand is speaking to everyone who has insecure feeling, are afraid to show their true selves, has doubts about themselves, and people who are afraid of their difference are unable to integrate into others. At the same time, contradiction and entanglement between the views of wanting to be yourself in your comfort zone and the opinion of others in society. If you don't want to talk, you don't need to, you don’t have to force yourself to become enthusiastic to talk with others you don’t want. Don't be afraid to reject others. Reject those that reject you. 
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Yan Zhu is a recent fashion designer graduate of Parsons school of design. She was born and grew up in Amoy, China, and she moved to California when she was 15. Despite different cultural backgrounds, Yan Zhu is interested in art history and the public relations field. Yan Zhu started to show her talent for seizing inspiration from social issues and the communication between people and expressing the relationships and diversity between humanity. Her design is inspired by all the little details and daily things around her life. She hopes her creations will encourage more people to find their true selves. And she can always transfer her unrestrained ideas into creative textiles and silhouettes.