Shiyuan He

Systems & Society
Image: Weaving Wires Wearable Piece
Image: Gelatin Bioplastic Garment with Wires Head Piece
Image: Bioplastic showing different colors under the light.
Image: Photographer: Jiajie LYU Fashion Design: Shiyuan He Model: Zuer Zhou Mua: Yutong Li Lighting Assist: Senyao Zhang

Bubbles and Bioplastic Texture

Explore the beauty of Chemistry behind the fashion design

Fashion and Chemistry are full of transformation and possibility

Let the wires and bioplastic grow freely around the body

Chemistry Lab Notebook

Recording the Chemistry exploration and bioplastic making process in the thesis project

Bioplastic Instruction Book

A guide to teach people how to make bioplastic by their own
An exploration magazine to show how the Chemistry can works well in the fashion design


This is Shiyuan He, her English name is Angela. She is a fashion design major student graduating from Parsons School of Design She is from the Shenzhen city in China. She loves Chemistry and she want to explore how the Chemistry can be used in the fashion design.

She tries to make some experiments on growing crystals on the fabrics, and making gelatin bioplastic to make her collection sustainable. Also, she likes to focus on the family education for children in her fashion project. She wants to communicate to the audience that the love from the parents should be care, but not control or constraint.