Katherine Yang

Systems & Society
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Thesis Summary

This is a project dedicated to those who survived the darkest days in their lives. An echoing perspective of childhood traumas, mental breakdowns, panic attacks and the struggle of living most of their young adult years alone.

The project represents the physical and mental factors and self-sabotage, self-neglect and self-suffocation. To take viewers through a journey of self-disruption, self-doubt and ending in self breakthrough and rising from one’s lowest mental state. 
Taking a pop-up advertising approach, instead of marketing products, this project hopes to spread awareness and inspire conversations about negative internal conversations and disbeliefs of self by calling out the obvious. In exchange for more self-reflection and clarity on how one should reconsider the ways they think and talk to themselves. 

The goal is to relate to the audience's hard times, darkness, and the vulnerability of revealing one’s own scar and wound. Yet enchants and uplifts the audience, reminding that, they too, also never gave up.
Image: Guerrilla Ads Around Campus as Project Teasers (campus bathroom mirror)
Image: Branding Details On Laser-cut Acrylic Hangers
Video: Time Lapse of The Pop-up Installation [SELF ALTERATION.]