Johanna Sapicas

Systems & Society


Resilientes is a brand that illuminates and narrates our stories within Latin Urban visual culture, inspired by the evolution of Reggaeton and Latin music, its people, environments, streets, art, impact, difficulties, and odyssey.


Born in Caracas, Venezuela Johanna Sapicas is a fashion product designer.

Her design ethos is as follows; β€œTo design is to use utilitarian and humanitarian ethical principles in order to help people emotionally, mentally, and physically."

Immigrating and growing up in the culturally rich environment of Miami, Florida, she is constantly inspired by the empowering immigrant experiences of those around her as well as the range of Latin music genres she listens to daily. The concepts behind her designs are influenced by her passion for Latin urban visual culture, Reggaeton music, and by the issues affecting people in Venezuela. The fashion products she creates combine a narrative aesthetic and functionality that serve a purpose while empowering the wearer.