Irene Hsu

Systems & Society
Design& photo- Irene Hsu
Models- Kelly Zhang, Hawa Hymes, K9, Sean Lai
Makeup- Mitch Yoshida
Hair- Yukie Yamasaki
Assistants- Chloe Zhang, Khloris Liu, Vivian Chen, Jing Xu
Studio- Gymnopedie Brooklyn
Image: Design& photo- Irene Hsu
Models- Kelly Zhang, Sean Lai
Makeup- Fuka Ando
Hair- Tomoaki Sato
Assistant- Chloe Zhang


Irene Hsu is a multi-disciplinary artist with experiences in both fashion design and photography based in New York. Her passion and interest in digital media not only reflects on her photographs, but it also serves as a tool for her to express her distinct eye in fashion design. A majority of her inspiration comes from urban cities and classic films. With extensive interests and experiences in photography, Irene creates her vision through fashion and visualizes her vision through photography and film, seeking to provide a rebelling twist with the clash of different media.


instagram- @naiichun