Firas Zedan

Systems & Society


Zwara - Defined as gathering, usually in relation to family.

Through the interpretations of relics, traditions and memories my collection reflects the turbulent emotive world I grew up in, the idea of losing home and the assimilation into a new world. The narrative and visuals lead to a cathartic release of color and light that comes with coming to peace with a lost home, the textile designs and story comes from the environment I was nurtured in and the sunrises that were so key to my evolution. Stories from my experience at home inspire visual motifs within this collection such as the relevance of earrings, stuffed dog heads, sunrise color gradients and the strong structured silhouettes.
Image: Small coffee cup from home. A morning and afternoon routine, especially during a Zwara.
Image: Excerpt from process books
Image: Excerpt from process books


Firas Zedan (Parsons School Of Design, 2022) is a multidisciplinary artist and fashion designer. His work focuses on storytelling and building an emotive creative universe. He draws inspiration in his personal work from his identity and childhood in the Middle East having grown up in Kuwait, as well as pursuing work that explores the intersection of fashion, humans, and technology through post humanist thinking.

Firas has worked for brands such as Vera Wang, Weslah, Thom Browne and more, as an intern or freelancer and was awarded the CFDA x COACH Design Scholarship in 2021 for his body of work which included a transhumanist collection dedicated to the human’s natural progression into technology.