Ella Rae Steakley

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Audio: Interview with my grandfather | Stories from Texas
Image: Lynn & Steve Steakley | my grandparents

The Threads of Texas

The Threads of Texas, a reflective textile exploration, focuses on a personal connection to the unique interminglings of Austin, Texas culture. The nostalgia for the past, shared through stories, photographs, and personal experiences is juxtaposed with a new and removed perspective. This longing for the past mixed with a presence in modernity and progressive values are showcased through textile experimentations, with an emphasis on process. These explorations are based in woven materials, photography, print development, plant-based materials, and material manipulation. Topics touched upon range from family history, story telling, native materials, current events, and personal reflection. The mixing of these ideas creates a dynamic, layered, juxtaposed showcase representing the difficult relationship between home and one’s chosen home. Documented through the making process is the relatable experience of growth, development, and coming into one’s own.
Image: Jacob Edwards | @three.roll.two
Image: Ella Rae Steakley | @ellaraesteakley
Image: Materiality Journal
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As a lifelong creative I have spent the last few years defining my personal values and artistic vision. I value sustainability, plant-based fashion, and conscious creating. I emphasize these material alternatives, creating a juxtaposition between my upbringing and newfound, radical values. Textile and fiber work has informed my making processes for the past eight years. My systems ideology pushes my work beyond aesthetics, with deeper inspiration stemming from the environment, my deep empathy for animals, and conscious consumption. It is important to understand these strong values and my emphasis on process. I find that my identity lies within my empathy for the world around me and to create designs that are special but attainable.

email | ella.rae1999@gmail.com