Yuxi Zhou


I am Yuxi Zhou...

Born and grew up as a single child in Nanjing, China, my 21 years of life time was greatly shaped by the age of globalization, post-industrialization, and permeation of social media. The commodity society and social media developed in such ways, that cultures and knowledge were being increasingly assimilated—consumption and mediatization—a new sort of wall was being set up to block true alternatives of viewing the world. It was in such an age that I benefited greatly by learning from various sources of knowledges, and getting to know the culture of different social groups. Meanwhile, such a growing context gave me a good position to reflect: where lies the possibilities true alternatives, true diversifications of knowledge and culture; how could we reach them.
So far, I find the exploration of art and its relations to human an exciting entrance for me to search answers. When I was a child, I often image myself a detective trying to link clues between objects and creating imagery stories of them to convey meanings. I started to learn painting when I was 7 years old. Painting taught me how to search multiple answers from different angles. Humans are closely related to the environment and the objects in it. Garment is a perfect example of how objects and materialities can change people. The process of dressing up can also fulfill one’s identities in different cultural groups, which makes fashion so significant in everyday life. As an international student at Parsons, I am a “builder” who builds bridges among different cultures and values. As a fashion designer, I love to capture the subtle sensations from different angles and explore diverse possibilities of meanings.
Image: Thesis Statement
Image: Inspiration
Image: Initial Exploration to Movable Space
Video: Movable Space Prototype 1
Image: Movable Space Prototype 2: Folding Space
Image: Research: How to Manipulate a Movable Space in Garments
Image: Illustrated Textile Print Design
Video: String Movement Test 1
Video: String Movement Test 2
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