Annie Zhang



♥ Change of Hearts is a collection consisting of playful expressions that represents bittersweet emotions of growing through painful experiences while finding new meaning and joy with the new normal; translated through a series of prints, colours, and a multiplex of opacities. I incorporated my definition of the heart motif as it represents the discovery of close vulnerable love, for myself and the relationships I value. I used the heart motif to express the safeness and comfort that it brings to me while combining it with textiles that mirrors the definition of growing through change.
Materialities that consists of imperfect screen printing along with delicate hems that incorporates wire, outlines the shift of unexpected changes. While hand-wovens and organza acts as a textural feeling of safeness and vulnerability in the softness of the yarn and transparencies of the organza. The heart motif can be continuously found in the subtle silhouettes and print development of textiles. ♥
Image: Block Printed Looks
Image: Research through screenprints and the play of contrasting jarring colours
Image: Final Line Sheet