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Our era is like an accelerated movie as if everything has become fast-forwarded without a pause. Under our steps, the subway operates day and night, witnessing sunrise and sunset from underground; above our head, we see a sky occupied with tall glass skyscrapers, they somehow seem brighter than the sun; we see ourselves in crowds of people, our eagerness of success is big but we also realize that we are as small as a grain of sand in the vast Sahara desert.
With the quickly changing environment, we, as the survivors of our time, are also forced to quickly adapt to these changes; whether social or environmental; or else we will be faced with a cruel elimination.


Everyone is busy chasing after things, whether it is money, power, or success. And we slowly become out of control in behaviors, feelings and thinking. We are constantly looking at the world from someone else’s perspective, and listening to other people’s comments. By the end of the day, we are left with the endless questioning of our existence. 
Who are we, and how do we perceive the world; how do we perceive our surroundings or even ourselves?
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As Fritz Perls says “Lose your mind and come to your senses.” Perhaps, in this case, we should lose our senses and come to our minds.
By depriving our five senses, we are forced to cut out our connection with the world. This way, I hope we can all stop being influenced by external voices and follow our own inner voices, and find our inner peace.

Lose your senses... and come to your mind..

Lose your senses... and come to your mind..
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Is this real, or am I living in a fantasy?
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Image: "Touch"
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Sofia Shen, an artist and designer from HangZhou China, intends to create artworks that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also meaningful. She is currently a senior fashion design student at Parsons, graduating in May 2022. Her work focuses on fashion and fashion product/accessories, but not limited to fashion. Growing up as an introvert, she uses art as a medium to express herself, as well as a way to reflect on social, political or philosophical topics. With prior experience in AR and VR design, she enjoys cooperating the technology aspect of design techniques into her artwork and digitizing her work. 


Instagram: sofiashen_