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Future Loop

In the era of rapid development of machinery, explore the relationship between human and machinery.
Some broken machines will be reborn due to human maintenance, and some will embrace death due to human abandonment. As the creator of machines, human beings have the power to give them death or rebirth. The simplest example is that the mobile phone in your hand "dies" every day because of the exhaustion of the battery, and "rebirth" because of your charging. If one day it destroys itself because of the program, will you resurrect it or let it go? 
The story is about a human boy who falls in love with the robot girl 1002, who eventually self-destructs due to the system's inability to generate emotional awareness. The boy in the story develops feelings for the robot girl that go beyond tools, love. And this love causes the robot girl to self-destruct. Are humans with "love" willing to give up the connection with the machine, or do humans make the damaged machine rebirth in another way through some connection?
At the end of the story, the boy removes the heart of the defunct robot girl and wears it as a pendant. In another way, the girl was "rebirth". She stayed with the boy in a different way.
This story is not only a discussion of the relationship between man and machine, but also an exploration of future fashion. Will humans, who use animal skins as the raw material for fashion, use broken machines of the future as the raw material for fashion? Perhaps in the near future there will be a series of machines, and people will receive the damaged ones and use them in the fashion industry to give the machines a new life. What I want to explore is how humans can make broken machines connect with people again and "rebirth" in another form through fashion.


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