Zhengxian Feng



I got inspiration from the Voyager Program from NASA. Who sent two robotic interstellar probes into space with Two purposes: take photos of other heavenly bodies, and send the Voyager Golden Records out. Proof of the existence of us. It is very romantic about the golden records. We are not sure how long we can stand for, we are not sure if anyone will see the record, but it is a way to save what we have. I want to create a “golden record” for myself. It is a way for me to look back at what my early life was like at the age of 50. The content of my golden record would have the my memory from the past. How I think  and what I care about. Those memories are important to me no matter if they are good or bad. I would stand for my whole life to see a new generation to another. Discovering the little detail that I had been through it might no one care about it but I do.