Yom Kim


Wrapping as Fashion

I have always wanted to connect fine art and fashion and for people to see my clothes as art pieces. So, I thought about what if I introduce my collection like a museum exhibition. It could be a better way to show my work because not only will people feel my designs are works of art, but also, they can experience my collection closer than the standard runway show. I plan to magnify parts of the garments, put them in frames, and hang them on the wall. This way of introducing the collection will make the interaction between the designer and the audience more inclusive. My thesis project explains how I connect fine art and fashion.
I thought collage is the most suitable method to connect art and fashion because collage, using the elements that makeup clothes, can show clothing and fine art at the same time. I attach the elements of the clothes such as zippers or buttons on the stiff fabric which seems like a canvas. Therefore, some zippers do not function as zippers. They are just pasted like other collage works. Because I am making a garment, I could not use glue to stick the materials. I used special stitches such as the catch stitch or pad stitch to paste the materials. I made framed collage works first and then made the clothes according to the texture of the collages.


Yom was born and raised in Seoul, Korea. As a graduate at Parsons The New School of Design, he majored in BFA Fashion Design specializing in women's wear. As a designer, he has always aimed to combine fine art and fashion. His design foundation is always composed of using basic elements, therefore his designs provoke a sense of familiarity. Yom believes that an object’s beauty is enhanced when it performs its function, therefore practicality plays an important role within his designs.

In 2021, Yom had a solo exhibition in Seoul where he showcased collages that are made with materials used in clothing making. Through this experience, he was inspired to continue to develop the different possibilities to combine fine art and fashion through exhibition and this has opened a new path for him to explore fashion as an artist.