Yiren Zhou


Collection: Yí

instagram: blablablarita

A name is filled with love, expectation, and culture.
In ancient China, "Yi" has many connotations; as a personal guideline, it means being authentic ad moderate while cultivating humility.
This word has pervaded my every behavior and molded my identity.
But this time, I wish to explore my authentic voice and recreate "Yi".
From Pina Bausch to Martha Graham to Loie Fuller,
their exploration of body and performativity inspire me.

-Exploration of light performed on the body
-explore the fabrics' medium possibilities
-Transition from hardness to softness

Material: Silk with Resin

3D world

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Coming from a tranquil city, Hangzhou, my experience in diverse NYC encourages me to create serious naturalistic collections that relate to the beauty and legacy of my home culture while embracing self-expression, whether that’s mild, subtle, or loud. 

My perception of clothes are vessels that connect the space with the torso while carrying messages and personal stories. My story is about experimenting with the performativity of the garment, breaking the boundary of the fabric’s medium. Thus, the body became a mold to shape clothes.  

My passion is to create pieces that encourage many to feel and express as their authentic self.