Yeseo Shin


"My Playground"

The collection, titled, “My Playground”, is inspired by childhood memories of the neighborhood playground. The collection aims to bring back childhood playfulness back to the mundane lives of adults and that naive smile to our hardened faces.
There are many moments when we want to go back as an "innocent" kid. We all want to go back to the moments of running around, dancing, spinning hula hoops, riding swings, and climbing as a child.

“My Playground” embodies the dynamic those movements of children prancing, all over the playground, by creating interesting silhouettes such as the hoop dress.
The garments are made of a unique materiality constructed by creating childish doodles into digital prints and screenprinting them onto various fabrics. The collection includes beads accessories that are hand-crafted, inspired from childhood belongings.


Yeseo Shin is a womenswear designer from Seoul, South Korea. She immigrated to the United States in 2011 and experienced an entirely new culture.  She is currently based in New York, after graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York with concentrations in womenswear design. Having assimilated to American culture for 11 years, Yeseo creates a collection that aims to unite people with our joyous childhood memories despite differences in gender, race, and ethnicity . 

Through various experiences in the fashion world— as a design intern in Seoul, an atelier intern at Oscar de la Renta, a PR ambassador at Dr. Martin, an assistant at Vogue Korea— Yeseo has developed a holistic, thorough knowledge of the fashion industry.


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