Xinxin Shi



For my project, I am designing my own funeral. I was inspired by the death of my best friend's grandfather. She talked about his cremation and funeral, which reminded me of the funerals that I had been to. All of them were in a sad and heavy mood. Death is a very serious and even bad thing in my country,China. The decorations of Chinese funerals are always black and white with people always crying.
But do these deceased really want such a sad funeral? Their funerals were completely designed and held by others. People design all kinds of ceremonies for themselves, like weddings. but few seem to design their own funerals.I want to design my own funeral as it will be the last ceremony in the world that I can attend in person.
In this project , I firstly designed the setting and decorations of my funeral by clloage. I want a very cute and attractive funeral in a relaxed mood.
As the deceased is unable to stand, the garments are designed to be worn when the body lie down. So the main approach of my garments making is draping on the people or manniquein that lie down, and the this idea is shown through the flat and straight back of the garments. The shapes of draping came from my old photos as memories is one of the things that I want to take with me after I die.I used my old clothes as the main materials to make the garments as I think our daily clothes is alson a container of our memories.


On my funeral I want to try something that I am afraid to to do when I am alive.

I am a quiet and shy person. I don't like to be noticed and I always wear monotonous clothes.

So I want a really cute and attractive funeral in a pink room with some weird decorations. And I will have a white furry coffin because even I am dead, my body becomes cold, I still want to lie down in a soft and warm place.
Image: Draping on model that lies down


Xinxin Shi is a all gender fashion designer who focus on the topics about people's daily normal life and personal emotions. Her works are mostly inspired by thinking and imagining about some common things in life. She likes to explore and develop unusual ways to create garments without considering wearability, convenience or functionality.