Steven Mateo



Steven Mateo is a NY based fashion designer. Steven was born in Ecuador, then migrated to Queens, New York with his family at the age of 3. His design aesthetics involve aspects from work wear, uniform and modernity. Steven focuses on every detail of the design process, from technical construction to the complex pattern-making. Eventually leading up to fine tuning from the samples into the final garment.


Astra is conceptualized as an Interplanetary dystopia. The collection is narrative, with each look representing a different character with their own settings, time, and scene. Fear and impending doom are prevalent in today’s time, with an ongoing pandemic and many socio-political problems. Dark human emotions and predictions of the future have been explored in many aspects of contemporary media and culture. The collection is a hyperbole of current times with a specific focus on fear, anger, and a loss of sanity. The collection is made up of unique yet careful cuts, drafted in pattern much like an architect would a building. Aspects of uniform, workwear, and utilitarianism are present throughout the collection. The looks feature extreme technical construction and creative tailoring. Different silhouettes and details are utilized in subtle changes as well as more obvious alterations of traditional garment construction.