Sidonia Wu



My thesis collection explores the emerging phenomenon- the “Mandela Effect” - which occurs when a collective group of people remembers something differently from the facts. This leads to my investigation into humans’ perceived memory and illustrates the idea that “memory is a malleable matter that can be easily distorted by our visual perception”.
My collection is heavily influenced by materials representing the preservation of memories. I see materiality as a form of documentation that captures the changes in our memories metaphorically through heat distortion on fabric in the form of bubbles portraying the fragility of our memories.

This black and white collection features transparent/translucent fabric overlaying on top of each other with hidden details to create an illusion just like our brains do. The abstract organic silhouettes and absence of the traditional hardware, finishing, and trimming are both subtle implications of the vagueness and missing details portrayed in our memories. 
Image: after manipulation
Lookbook Part 1
Photographer & Edit: Tommy Park
Model: Bean Ju
Lookbook Part 2
Designer & Photographer & Edit: Sidonia Wu
Model: Bean Ju
Video: Teaser
Designer/Producer: Sidonia Wu
Film/Edit: Henry Lu
Model: Bean Ju


Born in Guangzhou, China, and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Sidonia Wu is an interdisciplinary designer based in New York City. Her multicultural background has extended her creativity and aesthetic allowing her to express herself through the mediums of fashion/accessory design, materiality, and photography. Inspired by experiences, feelings, and encounters in life, Sidonia’s curiosity fuels her conceptual ideas for her work. She aspires to evoke an emotional connection with the audience through her designs as demonstrated in her thesis collection, “par·am·ne·sia” which speaks about how human memories can be easily distorted by our visual perception. 

As a recipient of Parsons Dean’s Scholarship, her talent is also recognized by CFDA as the Honorable Mention for the Design Scholar Suntchi Image-Maker Award in 2020. Sidonia has been actively involved in the fashion industry by exploring a wide range of internships. Notably - Oscar De La Renta, Danielle Guizio, and personal styling assistant at Let’s Get You.