Rahee Shin

Image: By Rahee Shin | cellistshin0220@gmail.com | @hibififi_xx
This collection is derived from the spirit of romanticism and aims to convey my understanding of the appreciation of beauty. I focused on doing an experimental design where I combine dark, unwelcoming feelings created by the toxic fashion trends with a positive symbol that exists in our daily lives.
We often neglect our intrinsic beauty; we are too busy keeping up extrinsic influences. In this process, our identities are disappearing as we are metamorphosed into beings that are controlled by the media and other social influences. I sought to visually portray this phenomenon with a positive symbol; butterflies.                

Butterflies are strong symbols of life, youth, and ascension.

Just as the butterfly effect has stirred confusion and changes in mental identity, I hope to create a butterfly effect with this collection so people are more aware and appreciative of their intrinsic beauty. 
Self-reflecting on inner beauty should be practiced and celebrated in this era of manipulative social consumerism.
Image: There will always be a blush of purity that a person carries even as the truth of their being is hidden by this dangerous scheme. The way this phenomenon pervades society can also be linked to the butterfly effect.

:a property of chaotic systems (such as the atmosphere) by which small changes in initial conditions can lead to large-scale and unpredictable variation in the future state of the system.

The surge of its use in art, film, fashion, and subcultural movements has amplified its relevance.

The color palette is inspired by a Japanese film Gemini 1999.
Image: Prints & Prototypes & Developments
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Rahee Shin is a graduate of Parsons Fashion Design.
As a Korean born in Japan who also studied in the U.S., she always tries to strike a balance between these three culture. As a creative professional, she values humility, strong work ethics and openness, and a constant search for new ideas. She is aware of and invested in her own sartorial choices, and also has a more intimate understanding of fashion broadly as a result of her field of study. Her work primarily focuses on design research, more specifically within the field for social innovation and social impact. As a multidisciplinary creative, she has experienced various fields including fashion designing, fashion illustrations and even marketing.