Niharika Adwani

“The “impostor syndrome” is the crippling feelings of self-doubt and anticipated failure that haunt people who attribute their success to luck or help from others rather than their own abilities.” - Tacaueline Nelson
The Impostor is a collection of garments and accessories that simulate the experience of the Impostor Syndrome. It aims to spark conversation and bring to light a feeling that we collectively experience but don’t talk about. The Impostor also reveals my personal experience with the Impostor Syndrome and helps me process it through my thesis collection. The feeling surfaced around high school. I watched my overachieving best friends breeze through high school while I struggled to hold my own. I felt like I needed to appear ‘smart’ to fit in with them. The feeling only grew when I came to Parsons, surrounded by such creative minds. I looked around me and everyone always seems to have their shit together. Of course, I also projected the same: who wants to admit they’re struggling in such a competitive environment? To fit in here, you need to stand out.


Niharika Adwani is a womenswear designer from India who studied at Parsons School of Design. Her inspiration lies in abstract concepts and feelings that she explores through color and material exploration, specializing in embroidery. Her Indian background also allowed her to experience Indian textile arts and translate traditional techniques to modern clothing. Coming from India also influenced her use of color and prints. Her process consists heavily of research and she bases her projects in context of the world around her.