Lea Noemi Belon Larenas



Born in Thailand, Lea Belon is an NYC based cross disciplinary artist of Chilean-Spanish descent. 

Her most recent work portrays an ode to her heritage, identity, & passion for traveling. Having grown up in over ten cities across the span of two decades, she experienced a shocking melting pot of cultures, which has made her understand how rich is humanity as well as the creation of the world.

She founds herself influenced by the beauty of her surroundings by being an avid observer of everyday life & mundane objects.

It was through fashion, film and photography that she was able to first establish a sense of identity that allowed her create innovative ideas for the future. 

Lea wants to help society by giving her contribution to make a difference in the creative field. Sustainability plays a big part in her work, in which she wants to bring awareness to climate change. 


Email: leabelon@hotmail.com

Instagram: Lea.Belon

LinkedIn: Lea Belon