Kylie Li


I feel the need to connect with my friends and my loved ones even more when I lacks the sense of security. My friends are always by my side to help me fill up the void in my heart. Thus, I approach my thesis by researching the way people building security with the help of others and finding the similarity in my own relationships with my loved ones.In the process of seeking security from other people, there is two difference sides, the people who seeks and the people who gives. I want to explore the state when they come together.


I took some pictures about my friend and I hug together, and then I traced some lines from it.

After that, I used different kind of stripes and tied them together to simulate this line.

I put the stripes on the model and got some silhouettes.


And used different kinds of fabrics to tie them directly on the dress form to get some details.

Black represent weakness and empty,

White like a friend who beside you like a lighthouse.

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Jiayi (Kylie) Li grew up in China, and graduated from the Parsons School of Design BFA program. During her studies in New York, she changed a lot under the influence of different cultures. She is always attracted by the things that happen to her and the interesting details of her daily life. Thus, she started documenting them in her artistic way and turning them into designs.