Korissa Frooman


Dear Homemaker,

is a modern fashioned response to the Eccentric Abstractionists search for gray space. Through blurring the past and future to create intimate bodily connections of space and femininity, the domestic becomes pregnant with pause. Examining the home as a place brimming with intimate bodily connections of human and object,
the physical space starts to blur. The ghostliness of who I am, who I was, who I could be. Nostalgia felt for lives I haven't lived; talking about a future I haven't lived through looking at a past I haven't lived. The transience between memory and haunting, between body and space.
Image: From left to right: Lazy Susan modeled by Heewon Lee, Of Course You're a Busy Lady modeled by Veronika Kindred, The Hostess Conveniently Near the Kitchen Door modeled by Jessica Gooding, Reliability Saves Disappointments modeled by Ejyp Johnson, A Talent for Cooking Meat is Easy to Come By modeled by Juno Stille.
Image: Of Course You're a Busy Lady, back view
Image: Top: The Hostess Conveniently Near the Kitchen Door. Bottom: Lazy Susan, detail shot.
Image: A Talent for Cooking Meat is Easy to Come By.
Image: Reliability Saves Disappointments, back view.
Image: Lazy Susan, detail shots.


Korissa Frooman is an interdisciplinary artist based in New York City whose work is inspired by the female experience. Korissa looks to the spaces “in between” to bring tangibility to complex concepts. In between the body and the space it exists within, in between fashion and fine art, in between past and future. Through environment and object, her craft centers around soft sculptures to make observations about the body and its surroundings. In her time at Parsons, Korissa explored familiar materials in new ways relating to the body. Her nostalgic reflection on female artists influences her contextualization of modern subjects.