Jing Xu

Video: Videographer: Vic Fu (@fxzart) 3D Animation: Jing Xu (@abadteeth)

Post-Human Angel: Living On The Boundaries

With the development of high technology, human beings will soon enter the era of Super-intelligence, where the boundaries between human and animal, human and machine, human and nature, material and immaterial are gradually blurred, and the post-human breaks down all kinds of anthropocentric binaries and provides us with a new way of thinking.
In this project, I constructed the post-human figure from a feminist perspective. I want to question the expression of female eroticism in a world dominated by male narratives and discuss the ways in which female desire can be expressed in the present and the future. I imagined a future tribe where my questions are housed, a tribe where the cyborg pole dancers are dancing with full force, and their razor-sharp mechanical prosthetics are smashing everything.
Image: Graphic Design: Jiaqi Luo (@_niming)
Image: 3D Avatar: Jing Xu(@abadteeth)
Image: Ai generated poem by: Jiaoyang Li, Jinjin Xu
Image: 3D Avatar:Jing Xu(@abadteeth) Exo skeleton dress:@sinbiox
Image: Photographer: Irene Xu, 3D: Jing Xu, Graphic Designer: Jiaqi Luo


Jing Xu is a fashion designer, 3D artist. Xu‘s work explored female body and female identity, presenting the intuitive emotional and physical experiences of women living in the present moment. Currently, Xu is studying at Parsons School of Design and working on digital fashion including AR wearable filter, 3D printing, 3D animation.

instagram: @abadteeth