Hui Gao


Unquestioning Acquiescence

Sexual assault is widespread. As high as 70% of women will be sexually or violently assaulted at some point in their lives. Sexual orientation plays a vital role in the risk of victimization. The psychological trauma of sexual victims is complex and interlaced and art therapy has a significant effect on the recovery of trauma, evoking emotions that are too painful to express. As a female survivor. I found the possibility of resilience and resistance to confront the incident through repeated self-excavation in this project. During this process of exploration and creation, I attempt to find salvation and channels to justify. To shine a light on the hidden threat of sexual violence is, at least implicitly, to reject unquestioning acquiescence. I hope we can be seen and art is the only language I have. This process and my works, exist only as a record, documenting the feedback from the outside world and how a survivor digests and transforms her own experience into artworks.