Edith Yee Ting Ho

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YeeTing Ho, Edith is a 21-year-old creative director practicing the interplay of fashion, graphic design, and 3D graphic art. Based in New York, raised in Hong Kong. 

Edith is a graduate of Parsons BFA Fashion Design program. She has designed and developed 3 collections of both women's and menswear. 

She is the co-founder of RILLE, a co-womenswear brand she and her partner established in 2020. RILLE was featured on SICKYMAGAZINE and other various prestigious magazines on Chinese and Western social media platforms. 

On top of practicing fashion design, Edith has carried out graphic design freelance work for social media, advertisements, websites and album covers. 

Edith has possessed over 4 years of work experience in Hong Kong, Shanghai & New York across fashion, styling, marketing and social media operations.

Instagram: @fl3xdith @flexdith

Email: flexxdith@gmail.com

Website: https://flexdith.com/

Phone: +1(917)822-3721