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Image: "Atara" avatar, made in Blender and CLO 3D.
Image: NanoLove


To many, love is a constant. A constant hope, pain, or delight. Maybe all or maybe one. It is perpetual, in both concept and practice. Love adapts and often persists without help. In an unnatural world it is only natural that its next step is to hold technology's hand. The “NanoLove” thesis explores these ideations of virtuality, technology and digitizing love under the umbrella of fashion. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to foster profound relationships with technology, ones that rival interhuman connection. “Nano Love” understands the importance of recognizing the link between internet and romantic relationships, consequently transforming this idea into a series of art pieces and garments that respond to them. Love also elicits different sides to oneself. Through the use of both 3D programs and traditional creation, “NanoLove” gives life to these different sides. The avatars are inspired by the makers' cultural heritage - Korean and Egyptian. The avatars are representative of the parts of the creator, and when brought together, they create the whole. 


My name is Dana Kosber. I am korean egyptian, born and raised in egypt. Growing up in a conservative culture, games have always called to me as a form of escapism. In a country where intimacy and outward love are taboo, I found my first exposure of in video games. Through these games I was able to witness my first instances of love, and all the different people you could be and could love.
My collection “NanoLove” dissects the idea of love developing alongside artificial intelligence and technology with references to my Korean/Egyptian heritage. All art pieces were co-designed with an AI and then further manipulated by the human hand. Every model represents a digital avatar that are varied manifestions of my experience with love. I wanted to explore physicality within the digital world and so I created a real life screen experience through the media of large transparent film. This came about by trying to find the blurred line between what is real and what is not, and I transformed something physical to be as digital as possible while still having a tangible presence.
Image: "Bedouin" Puffer behind hand manipulated film of AI garment.


NanoLove is a story about finding yourself in love with the digital and the physical. Love elicits different emotions and sides to oneself, and only now have they been given physical forms. The avatars - Silla, Dena, Atara, and Petra, are representative of these sides and when brought together, they create the whole.
Each avatar has their own personality and encompasses the varied parts of the creator. Petra is seductive and strong willed, Atara is shy and soft spoken, Dena is spiritual and domestic, and Silla is ambitious and hardheaded. Each avatar draws from both Korean and Egyptian cultures as they represent both identity and digital representation.
Image: "Yeowang" skirt behind AI film with hand embroidered flowers.
Image: "Serpent" Jacket behind AI on transparent film.
Image: "Petra" Avatar, 3D render elements by Dana Kosber.
Image: "Silla" Avatar, 3D render elements by Dana Kosber.

Virtuality and Love

Through virtuality and video games we are able to stay connected. The digital world offers us multiplicity, the ability to be different people in different formats, we are able to explore identity and what it meant and understand that within the digital world the feelings were still as intimate and real.
Image making was a large process of my thesis, I wanted to explore what it mean to make a human look like an AI or Avatar and find the blurred line between whoyou can be physically and virtually.
Image: "Silla" Avatar, made in Blender and CLO 3D
Image: "Dena" Avatar, made in Blender and CLO 3D


From my thesis I discovered how versatile and effortless the digital world and avatars can be. You can be yourself, someone else or enhance who you already are. You can fall in love as soon you log on, and it can continue beyond the screen. I aim to continue acquiring skills in the digital world and bettering my rendering, digital fashion and avatar creation. I intend to have a job in video games, avatar creation, digital fashion or anything that includes both fashion and virtuality.
With the rise of metaverse, VR, and multiple brands adopting these digital practices, my thesis highlights how digital fashion can go further than just digital garments. It can offer cultural representation, foster feelings, envelop your senses, and create the bridge between the physical and digital world.

Artifical Intelligence Uses

Love and technology is both a dated and future thinking concept. For many years now, the internet and its applications have transformed love, relationships and the access to it. We have entered an era where love is not limited to the physical world. Artificial intelligence has made it possible to foster real and profound relationships with technology, ones that rival interhuman connection. 
Artificial intelligence allows for inclusive love, love that extends beyond boundaries, space and time. The “NanoLove” thesis explores these ideations of virtuality, identity and digitizing love under the umbrella of the fashion industry. 
Image: Gaming sheet of Avatar
Image: Handpainted Skins of Avatars


I initially developed the avatars and wanted them to be the basis and muse for my thesis. By giving these different parts of myself tangible forms, i was able to tailor each art piece and garment to them. After utilizing DAZ 3D, Blender, CLO 3D, Procreate and Photoshop to create the avatars I moved on to developing looks and garments for them using AI.
The AI images were produced by inputting images, key words and phrases into a computer AI and constantly looping feedback and communicating with it to form the perfect image. Afterwards, I respond to these images by printing them on film and creating physical elements. By using hand sewing, I embellished and brought the film into the 3D space by adding embroidery, pleating, sewing and collage. Furthermore, I went on to produce one garment for each film in response.


I collaborated with Kenneth Wang to create a VR experience where the user would be able to have their senses enveloped by the avatar and have the ability to look into their eyes and almost feel them.
This experience was created to foster intimacy between the user and the avatar, and furtehr feed into the notion that love can exist in the digital realm.

To access the demo of the experience - please contact me.


Dana Kosber is a Korean-Egyptian designer, artist, and digital creator based in New York. She considers herself a bridge between the physical and digital worlds with experience in both traditional and tech based fashion design. With her creations of 3D garments, she has created avatars, digital clothing and NFT for both clients and her thesis. Particularly, she had collaborated with Special Olympics to produce a custom digital clothing collection and has interned for brands such as Kim Shui, Undefined Jewelry, Monique Lhuillier, and Jonathan Cohen. Her work is embedded in how digital creation can embellish and propel the fashion industry.


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