Ciara Liu

How did Fidel Castro fool the CIA for a generation? Why did Neville Chamberlain think he could trust Adolf Hilter? Do television sitcoms teach us something about the way we relate to each other that isn’t true? Through layers of human reactions and interactions, it’s difficult to truly understand an individual. The urge to understand and be understood has been the subject of scholarly discussions. Especially relevant now, due to Covid-19, the mask mandate has made reading others even harder… In my thesis, I want to explore through people’s figure language, facial expressions and cultural differences as well as media display, the ways humans naturally interact and how misunderstandings can be formed.  
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Image: Look 1 Tube Dress (men) front
Image: Look 1 Tube Dress (men) back

Look 1 Twisted Tube Dress

A bodying binding spandex dress that can be fastened and reattached when desirable.
Detachable rope, which can go through the eyelets to secure the dress in place and further bind the body.
Image: Crochet face covering with skinny chains
Image: Look 2 Tube Dress (women) side

Look 2 Twisted Tube Dress (Women)

Similarly with look one, monchromatic tube dress graded down to fit women's body.
Crochet set that pierce through ears and connected the upper body to the hands.
Image: Look 2 Tube dress (women) front
Image: Look 3 three quarter
Image: Look 3 w/o cape; three quarter and back

Look 3

Pleated cape in stretch denim and charmuse lining. 3D Printing bra in Nylon. Double washed oversized jeans with placement prints
Image: Look 4 Back
Image: Look 4 Front

Look 4

Structured denim dress. Monofilament machine knited bodysuit.
Image: Look 5 front
Image: Look 5 side

Look 5

3D printed accessory in nylon, laced puffer bra. Wrap skirt that wraps around and underneath the crotch. Two toned machine knitted flared pants with monofilament and rayon.
Image: Look 6

Look 6

Puffer set including jacket with two way zipper along the side of a sleeve, spandex two toned leggings and detachable pant legs. Head piece as well.
Image: Look 7 front
Image: Look 7 three quarter

Look 7 Single Shouldered Mini Dress

Printed ponte mini dress with stuffed polyfill pipping. Crochet pouch with chains
Image: Bag captured on film


Ciara Liu is an all gender fashion designer based in New York City, and a recent graduate from Parsons School of Design. Utilizing all types of medium, she focuses on designing garments that disrupt gender norms. She has worked for fashion brands such as Didu, Shiazty Chen, Samuel Guiyang in the past, as well as working as stylist assistant while attending school at Parsons School of Design. She has a particular interest in 3D garments, and has had collaborations with Hypebae cn to create virtual garments for athletes during the recent Olympics. +1 6469349722