Chi Iao Loi


s y n e c d o c h e

“a part made to represent a whole”
My heart has not found a place to inhabit, therefore it is wandering wherever it goes. This feeling of emptiness is dim, like fog, I cannot drive it away– rather it enwreathes me. I feel like I am isolated in a world that does not belong to me: I feel lost; and I feel incomplete. I am searching for belongingness, not from a place or from people, but from within myself;      
I am searching for myself.

d e v e l o p m e n t

In my collection, my identity is being explored through the emotions of desire, belongingness, emptiness and connectedness. Provoked by the psychological and the emotional, a contrary attitude was born in the rim of tension at my core. Through the use of construction, materiality and colour, paradox is captured within the quietude while balance is found through minimalism.


Chi is a designer born and raised in Macau. Feeling confined in the environment where she grew up, her passion for art and design stemmed from searching for a way to express herself in a language that doesn’t require words. Fashion has become her tool of expression and acts as a form of escape from her cultural discourses. She is especially interested in fine arts and photography, which are the primary sources of reference for her work.

Dualism and paradox exist cohesively in Chi’s designs: fragility and stability, emptiness and fullness, connection and disconnection… Her work can be interpreted as a reflection of her inner self and is often seen through the use of organic shapes, contrasting materials and tranquil tones.


Instagram: @loichiiao