Ana Rojas

Image: All photos by Erandi Torres Schulz- Lola Studio
Models featured left to right: Emiliana Aguilar (12), Emilio Rojas (12)

What is Emi and Emi?

Emi and Emi is a brand whose goal is to foster creavity, encourage learning and promote inclusivity. I want to kids the tools they need to express themselves physically, innovate their spaces, take control of their belongings while learning about new topics in non-intimidating ways.
From this desire to share and promote inclusivity was born Emi and Emi. Named after my little brother Emilio Rojas and my cousin Emiliana Aguilar who inspired me through their imagination and creativity.
Image: Models: Emilio (12), Iker (10) and Rafa (4)
Image: Models: Maya (8), Sofia (8)
Image: Models: Maya, Sofia, Pato, Leonora, Diego


Ana Rojas is a Mexican designer based in NYC who graduated from Parsons School of Design in 2022. While at Parsons, she developed a children’s lifestyle brand called "Emi & Emi" that embodies an inclusive approach to fit and sizing. She also self-published an interactive book "Let's Learn About" that aims to facilitate learning for children across a range of topics including empathy, creative expression and sexism.

In addition, Rojas was selected to represent the BFA program on the School of Fashion Vision Working group; served as co-chair of the Student Advising Committee and as student member of the School of Fashion Curriculum Committee. Through these various roles, she acted as an advocate for body positivity and inclusion, and will continue to embody those values in all of her future work.