Alejandra Sanjur


Reprogramming of the Fragmented

My thesis was inspired by my own personal experience with EMDR therapy. EMDR is a method of psychotherapy that has been shown to improve the symptoms of severe agoraphobia and generalized anxiety disorder. By focusing on a specific traumatic memory and using bilateral stimulation, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) allows one to recognize the sensations and emotions that arise in order to reprocess the trauma. Then, to replace the traumatic and bad impacts, positive belief and healing are implanted into the memory.
This collection will serve as a visual depiction of my own growth and recovery.Using the visuals and symbols that come up during EMDR; the idea of memories intertwined, the healing light coursing through one's body, and hues and flashes of faded memories filling one's mind are all expressed in this collection's pieces.
Image: Look One: Calm Place
Image: Look Two: Move through.
Image: Look Three: Move through
Image: Look Four: Healing light


Born in Miami, FL to immigrant parents, I find inspiration in my Panamanian and Cuban background as well as my upbringing. My first generation experience gives me multiple lenses that allow for a distinct view and artistic style. Ever since I was little I found solace in art which helped define my life path early on and my love of creating worlds for myself grew as I learned techniques and new ways of making. With constant encouragement from my family I was able to comfortably experiment with multiple styles until I found my ever evolving artistic identity that has led me to the designer I am today.